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Cheap drones with camera comes with some nice features!

Cheap drones with camera comes with some nice features!

In the sea of various types of drones that are currently available on the market, many people often choose the ones with a superior camera. While this is not such a bad thing, it is still quite a surprising occurrence given the fact that most (if not all) of these people buy their drone just so they could fly it around their backyard… But then, why are cheap drones with camera so popular? Truth be told, there is not just one possible answer, there’s a couple of them… So without further adue, let us take a closer look at them to see what exactly is going on!

Aerial photography

Even though most people purchase drones either for their kids or for some good old fun flying time in the backyard, many of them want a camera drone because they think (emphasis on think) they will record some good aerial pictures. Don’t get me wrong, some of them really do that, but the majority will shoot a couple of pictures when they first get their hands on their new drone (to test out the camera) and probably never use it again.

Bragging rights

Another very important reason behind the popularity of camera drones is of course – the right to brag. There is nothing more sweet than to inform your drone-enthusiast friends that you just got a brand-new Yuneec Q500 with a silk smooth 4K action camera. There is no doubt they will all be amazed, but that still doesn’t approve the fact that you’ll use way less than you initially thought. You may think you will, but trust me – you will consider flying the darn thing much more fun than taking pictures with it.


Probably the most common reason behind camera drones’ popularity must be their ability to provide people with live first person view straight from the cockpit. FPV offers a great amount of immersion and is something that sells drones to many people. This sort of thing is especially popular with younger audiences who want to experience piloting in a way they couldn’t ever before. Luckily, even some of the cheapest drones offer FPV modes which is just adding up to their popularity. Another important aspect is of course VR. Some drones are compatible with virtual reality headsets which gives even greater immersion than “standard” FPV. Just put your VR headset on, download the app and connect to your drone. Next thing you know, you’ll be flying in VR mode like a proper champ!