Hello everyone, here are landscapers of 21st century!

Hello everyone, here are landscapers of 21st century!

Dear visitors,

I’d like to inform you that we have recently completely redesigned our website, and some parts of our business. Our website is now running on wordpress platform, one of most popular and most user friendly platform currently available. Design will be improved by the time, remember, we’re not professional web designers. We’re landscapers! 🙂

Regarding to our business. We started using drones. Yeah, drones. I’m pretty sure you already heard about them. Recently, real estate agents started using them. Marketers and TV guys are using them for a while, also sport events are implementing drones more and more. So we, landscapers, decided to incomporate drones in our core business.

In particular, we’re using them to capture landscapes from above, so caller birds perspective. Then we’re using some special programs to design new landspace in coordination with our clients. It’s much easier to get a feel for space when you’re looking from above. For now, results are amazing. Our clients have recognized our passion for what we do. That’s why we’re doing all this at the first place, isn’t it?

I don’t want to make this post too long, this is my first post and I just wanted to let you guys know we’re back! We’re back and we’re stronger than ever 🙂 Soon I’ll introduce you some of our recent projects where we used drones. There are some very interesting things about that so stay tuned!

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